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9 March 1973
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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80s, 80s music, abfab, adbusters, alan moore, ali g, alice in wonderland, aljazeera,, animals, aphex twin, archery, art nouveau, autumn, b-movies, bass lines, baths, being crafty, being silly, being wierd, bettie page, bill hicks, bitter girl, bjork, bladerunner, blondes, bob the angry flower, boots, bowery electric, bruce campbell, brunettes, buy nothing day, church of the sub-genius, clubbing, cobalt-blue glass, coffee, comedy, conquest of cool, cooking, covenant, culture jamming, daria, darkwave, dead kennedys, deadbeat club, derf, devo, dita von teese, diy, djing, dtwof, dyed hair, ebm, edward gorey, electroclash, esquivel, experimental, fake ads, fametracker, fast food nation, felix da housecat, floria sigismondi, frances bacon, gary numan, getting mail, ghost world, gloom cookie, goggles, gore vidal, goth, gothabilly, hemp, henry & june, hot tubs, ikea, industrial, ironbase, jane sibbery, janeane garofalo, john waters, liberty meadows, macs, mark rothko, matching socks, michael moore, military uniforms, minimalism, minor threat, mod, money, nap time, neil gaiman, new clothes, nick drake, no logo, nu-electro lounge music, one market under god, paul miro, photography, pin-up girls, pinstripes, prague, psychobilly, red red lipstick, redheads, rockabilly, rose mcgowan, seduction, sex, shona, six feet under, skinny puppy, slacking, sleeping & dreaming, star wars, sushi, synthpop, ted rall, texas, the boondocks, the cramps, the misfits, the satan's cheerleaders, the simpsons, this modern world, thrift stores, throbbing gristle, tina fey, tori amos, tron, true crime, tv nation, urceus exit, vancouver indie, vegetarianism, velvet goldmine, vintage clothing, william blake, windy & carl, winter, women, writing, wumpscut, yoga, zines
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